The teachers

Meet the personnel

Reinet Kemp has been teaching for 15 years and she is the owner of the school.

The nursery school was opened 33 years. Her highest qualification is Honours in Afrikaans Literature at Stellenbosch university.

Michelle Maghappie (top left) joined Laggiesland in 2016 highest with her highest education being  a Bachelor of Education (BEd).  She is in charge of the nursery school.

Her assistant is Kymmie Adams (top right) who holds a N6 and is currently studying for her BEd. She was a toddler at Laggiesland from 1996 – 2000 and has been an assistant at Laggiesland since 2015.

Azeen van Rooyen (bottom left) has been part of the Laggiesland team since 2015 and holds a Grade 12.

Michelle Flooris, (bottom middle) holds a first aid diploma and Grd 10 and joined Laggiesland in 2017.

Terna van Rooyen (bottom right) has been working at Laggiesland since 19999 providing balanced meals for the children.